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Krissy Gets Smashed By Byron Razors!

Added - Apr 13, 2018

Byron Razors was nice enough to take me out to dinner and a show, but as the night was coming to a close and I wanted to go to bed... seems like he had other ideas. If you've been waiting for a hardcore scene to hit Krissy4u - Naughty Asian Tgirl, you're in luck today as I get my ass smashed by Byron's big, hard cock! It is time for an evening of sucking and fucking for me and you've got a front row ticket to the action, so join up today and catch this awesome hardcore scene!

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This week on Krissy4u - Naughty Asian Tgirl, I'm enjoying the start of Summer with some short-shorts... and a short skirt too! Which one will you like more? Come find out for yourself with two sexy galleries and then watch me play in one of them in a signature Krissy4u video at the end of the week! I really loved the way these pictures came out... I hope you'll come enjoy them as a member today!
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Just another day in the life of a Sissy Tgirl Slut for me in my new, pretty, pink high heels :). It is always so much fun to put on a little show for the guys at the adult theater, especially when I can tell they're turned on because they all start whipping out their cocks and furiously jerking off! There were about four guys in the theater this day and the guy sitting in the front row with the white shoes... well let's just say he was jerking off the entire time I was there. Unfortunately he...
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OK, I'm not really one to use the word "fierce" to describe myself, but I do like some good alliteration so, "Fenced and Fierce" it is for the title of this gallery. I actually shot this gallery because I bought some new high heels and wanted to show them off a bit... how do you like them? I ended up getting a little too horny shooting these pictures so I just had to let a load fly. Hope you like checking out these pictures on Krissy4u - Naughty Asian Tgirl!
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Hi Honey... I know you had a really hard time at work today, but I thought that maybe you could just relax for a bit and watch your girl play with herself... just... for... you! I always hate when you're away on business and I hope you know that I think about you constantly, especially about that big, thick, hard dick! Just imagine me riding you until you're ready to shoot your load all up inside me... I love having your cum dripping down my leg after a wild fuck! A little fantasy video for y...