About Me

A Truly Daring and Very Naughty TGirl Exhibitionist!


ETHNICITY: Born South Korea but grew up in California
RESIDES IN: Portland, Oregon, USA
HEIGHT: 5'7" without heels… but I almost always wear 6" heels
WEIGHT: losing some
AGE: Still young…?
24/7: About 80% to 90% of the time.
SIZES: Heels – 10 (womens' sizes), Dresses – 7/8 or Medium, Stockings – Long
PERSONAL STYLE: Varies… I can do slutty as well as classy
TRANSITIONING: It is in the works!
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Bi, but I do love cock!
TOP or BOTTOM: I'm mostly a bottom but have topped on occasion.
LIKES: Marilyn Monroe, watching movies, console gaming, computer gaming, soccer, watching musicals,dominant men, high heels, good kissers, the Ocean, Godiva chocolate, Korean food, White Zinfandel, medium rare steak, generous men, playing piano, MAKING PORN OF COURSE!
DISLIKES: Arrogance, liars, close minded people, persimmons, sloppy kissers, Brussel sprouts, hard to open packages, runs in my stockings, getting fragged, guys who can't understand the word, 'NO'


Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl is my pride and joy… a labor of love from me to my Fans and Admirers worldwide! This website had its roots in the humble beginnings back in the Geocities days when I had a simple free site that I posted really bad pictures on when I first started discovering my love for stockings, heels, and all things sexy to wear! After a year or so of posting online, I was contacted by a Webmaster with whom I developed a business relationship with and soon we had started my first paysite.

After a while, I decided to strike out on my own so I could have more control over the site and the way it was presented. Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl is the result of that work and although the site has gone through numerous incarnations along the way as I learned more about HTML and website design, this is basically the finished product. Although, I will probably still update and change pages every so often to help keep things fresh.

The goal of my site is simple… to provide an avenue where I can interact with my Fans and Admirers, as well as Fans of Shemale porn in general, and share photos and videos with them. I update the site each and every week with brand new content for Members to enjoy, and I can always be reached by email or on Krissy4u – The Blog, as well as numerous public forums. I'm often asked why I chose the term, 'Tgirl' to describe myself instead of Shemale, Transsexual, or Ladyboy. Quite honestly, I'm just not that interested in labels, and since I have not undergone any serious hormone treatment or surgery, I didn't want to mislead people by adopting the term, 'Shemale' or 'Transsexual', although I can certainly identify with the terms. I'm quite happy being described as a 'crossdresser' too; although in my mind, I tend to take my feminine side pretty seriously so I actually prefer the term 'Tgirl' or 'Transvestite' for descriptive purposes. But, like I said, I'm just not really bothered by terminology… I'm just having fun and I hope guys who browse my site are too! I really settled on 'Tgirl' as a 'catch-all' word that is easily recognizable and doesn't carry too much in the way of confusion. Anyway… so that's me… Now, please do me a favor and...