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Blue Fishnet Body Stockings

I wasn’t too sure how these pictures would turn out because I shot it against a white background and even though you can’t really see it in these pictures, there was quite a bit of glare coming off of the tin. The gallery ended up turning out pretty good though and I think there are some really great pictures in the last 50 or so :).

24th Jun 2013

150 Photos

    Rating: 3.50

Pink Fishnet Bodystocking

This always seems to be a popular outfit when I do the bodystocking thing so I hope you like this set. Not much to say by way of introduction… I took pictures until the guy in this week’s video offered his Tranny cock-sucking skills… which I gladly accepted!

21st Jun 2013

165 Photos

    Rating: 3.50

Blowjob Interrupted

You’ll probably recognize the outfit and room in this set as the one that I was wearing in last week’s hardcore video update. I took these pictures before I met with Michael and I have to say, it took all my self control not to jerk myself off… I was so horny in anticipation!

20th Jun 2013

29:08 HD Video
& 20 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Pre-Pantyhose Fuck

You’ll probably recognize the outfit and room in this set as the one that I was wearing in last week’s hardcore video update. I took these pictures before I met with Michael and I have to say, it took all my self control not to jerk myself off… I was so horny in anticipation!

17th Jun 2013

150 Photos

    Rating: 4.75

Portland Roses

As some of you probably know, we are the Rose City and there are some really beautiful rose gardens in Portland. This isn’t one of them… at least today. This garden actually looks really nice but it has been a bit neglected lately and someone really, really trimmed them back. Anyway, I threw on a floral skirt and took some pictures anyway… hope you enjoy them!

15th Jun 2013

150 Photos

    Rating: 3.50

Fucked By BBC

I met this guy through Craigslist and quite honestly, I really wasn’t sure if he was going to show up or not. I was pleasantly surprised when he showed up at my hotel room door and I think it really worked out for everyone. He had a great time and I did too. He has a really marvelous cock so I hope we can get together again soon!

13th Jun 2013

36:48 HD Video
& 20 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Pink Top & Heels

Another bare-legged gallery for you all to enjoy. I thought this gallery turned out really well and I loved taking these pictures with the trucker looking at me through his side-view mirror. A total turn on and I hope he appreciated the little show too :).

11th Jun 2013

165 Photos

    Rating: 3.50

Oily Stroking

This type of video is one that I get requested quite a bit, and with a new swimsuit, I thought it would be the perfect time to get all oiled up and have a little fun. I hope you all enjoy this solo video… not sure when I’ll get around to doing another one like it!

7th Jun 2013

21:56 HD Video
& 20 Photos

    Rating: 4.25

Oily Swimsuit Stroking

Well, what is the good of having a swimsuit if you can’t get it wet, right? Water is too messy to do indoors and some of you have been asking for another “oil” set for a while now… here you go! A waterproof drop cloth lets me be as messy as I want in this oily swimsuit stroking session. Enjoy!

6th Jun 2013

175 Photos

    Rating: 4.50

Evening Swimsuit

I took this gallery mostly because there was a lot of guys standing around in the warm, evening at the rest area. Believe me, there were lots of whistles and cat-calls off in the distance, which I thought was fun. It was just too bad that it was getting too dark to take pictures or else I would have given them a REAL show!

5th Jun 2013

105 Photos

    Rating: 3.50

Pretty Pink Cutesy

Pretty simple gallery here. I wanted to take some more pictures in this gallery but I got interrupted and wasn’t able to strip down much. It was kind of a shame too because I had on some sexy lingerie :). Oh well, at least I got to give these sparkly heels a little screen time! You’ll see where the “curtsey” in the title comes from in the gallery itself.

3rd Jun 2013

145 Photos

    Rating: 2.00

Rainy Day Pantyhose Posing

This set has actually been requested by a Member here a number of times, and although I was always kind of amused by it, I really didn’t take it all that seriously. Still, I suppose it was requested enough that I finally did it. He wanted me to wear one of those yellow rain slickers, but I don’t have one of those so I just wore my rain jacket instead. This Krissy4u Fan wanted me to wear these high heels and pantyhose for this gallery… I got wet but had some fun posing in the rain! I hope you enjoy this gallery.

30th May 2013

165 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

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Purple Sunday Best

I have always wished that was one of those Southern Belles… but alas… I was born in the wrong century and plus… I really hate the heat and humidity, which is probably why I live up here in cold, wet, rainy Oregon. Anyway, here is my version of the Sunday best… Guess I’ve been in a “purple” mood recently!

26th May 2013

155 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Fence Suck & Fuck

So, I once saw this scene featuring Antonio Banderas and Rebecca De Mornay… I can’t remember what movie it was… But anyway, it was a scene where she totally gets fucked through this chain link fence. I thought it was so hot… although I was probably young at the time so anything with skin was probably hot to me. This is not that scene… I actually had the camera set up for a solo scene here but these two guys ended up coming over. I don’t know why the camera was acting weird… it goes blurry right at the best part so you’ll have to use your imagination. Also, there is a rather long period where I disappeared around the far corner because I thought I heard something. I tried to edit it out but for some reason it kept crashing my video render software when I tried to cut it so I had to leave it in. Anyway, hope some of you will will enjoy this scene even without the great, Hollywood finishing touch.

26th May 2013

24:51 HD Video

    Rating: 4.29

One Short Dress

So, I saw this dress on the rack and just had to have it. I think the collar is really cute and I’m sure you all will love it because it barely covers up my ass Nothing wrong with that, right? Some really nice pictures of my legs in this gallery so all you Gam-Fans out there… here you go!

24th May 2013

150 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Fenced & Caged

I was hoping this gallery would turn out a bit better but I think I took some of these pictures with the settings on the camera set incorrectly. So, sorry for some of the more grainy pictures. Still, I hope you like some of the pictures and find them sexy

22nd May 2013

120 Photos

    Rating: 3.67

Pink Heels- Lace Top

Another sunny day means another sunny shoot for me and this time I am in pink heels and a pink lace top. I actually chose this top to wear because it was rather warm and at least this fabric lets the breeze through. This is a gallery for all you guys out there who like the soft cock shots Enjoy it!

20th May 2013

150 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Purple Printed Hose

Here is a little gallery of me in purple printed pantyhose. I don’t know where I got these but they were in the back of my lingerie drawer so I thought I should probably use them :). Anyway, hope you enjoy this gallery. I think there are some really lovely pictures in it!

18th May 2013

150 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Sun Fun Stroker

Good weather is always a great opportunity to get out and get a little sun. I think these two truckers really enjoyed the little show that I put on for them and I hope you do too!

17th May 2013

16:29 HD Video
& 20 Photos

    Rating: 4.00

Sun Fun

We had some really beautiful weather here recently in the Pacific Northwest and I got a chance to get out in it. Not quite a bikini body yet but I’m working on it! This trucker didn’t seem to mind a few extra curves though

16th May 2013

150 Photos

    Rating: 2.67

Pink Passion Car Stroker

I start off this video messing around in the car but move things outdoors where I sit on my Mia Isabella toy that was given to me by a Fan. I was actually kind of surprised that I made myself cum at the end of this video, even with the cock cage on… I guess I was horny!

10th May 2013

15:41 HD Video
& 20 Photos

    Rating: 3.67

Pink Passion in Fishnets

Here is a gallery of me in this pink fishnet bodystocking that y’all liked so much the last time I did a gallery wearing it. I threw in a little bit of kink for this set though with the nipple clamps and the cock cage. Stay tuned for the video from this set too!

9th May 2013

150 Photos

    Rating: 1.00

Caged Cock Pantyhose

Being locked up in my cock cage at school makes me so horny! I can’t wait for class to get out so I can go behind the bathroom and get myself off!

6th May 2013

145 Photos

    Rating: 3.00

After School Stroke

Being locked up in my cock cage at school makes me so horny! I can’t wait for class to get out so I can go behind the bathroom and get myself off!

2nd May 2013

13:34 HD Video
& 10 Photos

    Rating: 4.67

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