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Another Pink Krissy4u Sissy Set!

My mysterious "Daddy" has sent me another sissy dress to wear, and this time I'm having some fun in it out at my favorite rest area! I actually like this dress, minus the purple bow... it is really fluffy and fun to wear, and it definitely shows off my legs very well, don't you think?

I'm sure that Daddy is going to be pretty happy seeing me in his dress and parading around like a horny Tgirl! This is Part One of this set, and I think you're really going to love watching me have some more fun in Part Two so stay tuned!

15th Mar 2017

185 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Otola Photography's Guest Krissy4u Set!

I'm kicking off this week with a very special set taken by Otola Photography while I was down in Los Angeles for the 2017 Transgender Erotica Awards. Each year I'm down there I try to make a special effort to connect with Otola and do a set or two. This year I kind of ran out of time and had to do things last minute, but we still managed to put together a lovely set for members of Krissy4u - Naughty Asian Tgirl to enjoy!

13th Mar 2017

205 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Krissy4u Purdy In Pink!

By the time this update hits Krissy4u - Naughty Asian Tgirl, I'll be on my way down south to the 2017 Transgender Erotica Awards down in Los Angeles. This little pink dress is one that I'll probably be wearing to the TeaCon or the pre-party on Friday night. Not really sure yet, but it is definitely in contention.

Sometimes I just like relaxing in a pretty outfit and letting my mind wander about. On this day I was dreaming of having a nice gentleman slowly slide his hand underneath my pretty pink dress and start rubbing my Tgirl cock... Doesn't that sound absolutely dreamy?

1st Mar 2017

200 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Krissy's Pink Explosion!

It is the week of the 2017 Transgender Erotica Awards down in Los Angeles and I'm trying as hard as possible to get myself down there for the event! There are lots and lots of loose ends to tie up when it comes to me making a trip down to California, and for some reason this year, I feel really, really unorganized and stressed out... but, I'll manage!

What better way to deal with some stress than with a little stroking session in my purdy lil' dress :)? I always do a little teasing this time of year with what I'm wearing to the Transgender Erotica Awards, and this is my gag-dress this year... it's a veritable pink explosion!

27th Feb 2017

210 Photos

    Rating: 4.29

Krissy4u Pink Tgirl Pinup Part Two

Here is Part Two of this set... out with the vacuum and in with the hot, Asian Tgirl cock stroking action! I'm guessing that this Asian Tgirl housewife is not going to be getting any chores done today!

22nd Feb 2017

215 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Pretty Asian Tgirl In Pink!

Do you ever have that feeling that you were born in the wrong time period? When I was little I used to dream about wearing those big, pretty dresses in the "Three Musketeers" era, and when I was introduced into the 50's era dresses, I fell in love with those. Surprisingly, I've never really worn the look before, but I recently purchased a couple dresses in this style. Anybody want to come help me vacuum and be a good housewife?

20th Feb 2017

225 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Krissy's Qipao Cock Cum!

Here is Part Two of my qipao set, and as you can see, I'm being quite the naughty little Asian Ladyboy in these pictures! I was really trying to avoid shooting some hot cum on my new dress, and thank goodness, I largely succeeded. Nothing like spoiling a new dress with some cum-stains!

Of course though, I'd gladly risk a few stains if I had a nice, big, hard cock to suck on in my cute qipao! I always love slurping away happily on my man's cock and feeling that hot load splatter against my tongue and drip down my pretty little face. Any volunteers?

15th Feb 2017

245 Photos

    Rating: 4.70

Krissy's Cute Qipao!

I've been trying to add some more color into my wardrobe, and when I saw this little qipao, or cheongsam, I thought it would be the perfect way to do just that. I wanted the dress to kind of speak for itself so I shot against a plain, white backdrop and just wore some simple fishnet pantyhose and black high heels for this set. What do you think...?

13th Feb 2017

205 Photos

    Rating: 4.17

Posing Makes Krissy Horny!

You know, sometimes posing for pictures here on Krissy4u - Naughty Asian Tgirl makes me so damn horny that I just can't stand it! Those are the times when it is time for me to head on out to the local adult bookstore and see if there are any guys who want to use a sexy, slutty Tgirl ass for their pleasure. Most days it is a total bust but every once in a while I end up getting fucked, or sucking on a hard cock through one of the gloryholes. Those are the nights I love!

I think it is always fun to see guys' reactions to me when I walk into the room. Sometimes they try to sneak little furtive peeks at me, and sometimes they'll just outright stare. I think they're not quite used to seeing a well-dressed Tgirl who just acts the part of slut so well!

10th Feb 2017

15:14 HD Video
& 215 Photos

    Rating: 4.33

Krissy In Cheetah Print

This is a really large gallery because as I was editing the pictures, I just couldn't let these fall by the wayside. Sometimes you're just "on" for a gallery, and I really loved a lot of the pictures in this one. Come see me play with my soft Asian Shemale cock and then make it nice and hard as I get all worked up! I'm showing off my cute little ass in this scene too, and I hope it makes you want to thrust your hard dick right into your monitor as you imagine fucking me silly!

8th Feb 2017

335 Photos

    Rating: 4.67

Beige And Black Beauty

The weather has been rather atrocious up here in the Pacific Northwest recently... just cold, rainy, and gray. I guess I must have caught a little bit of the "blah" fever because I noticed when I was editing these pictures that I'm wearing beige and black against a beige background. Probably not the best or most impacting set that I've ever done, but I did manage to get some cute pictures from this set that I hope all you Members will enjoy!

6th Feb 2017

225 Photos

    Rating: 4.50

Krissy4u: Daddy Dreams, Part Two

I'm wearing the cutest pair of pink panties in this set as I relax on the bed and dream of Daddy coming home to his horny girl. There is just something sweet and sexy about wearing a frilly pair of pink panties that really gets my mind racing with the possibilities of having them slid down my legs as I see Daddy's dick getting harder and harder!

It is such a turn-on when I see a guy's cock getting hard right in front of me, and better still when I can feel it in my wet mouth. Of course, the best is when his cock is nice and hard and I feel it slide into my ass in one sexy slam, making me cry out with pleasure as I get filled up! Come dream of me while I dream of you fucking your sweet Shemale with your big dick!

2nd Feb 2017

235 Photos

    Rating: 4.60

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Krissy4u: Daddy Dreaming In Peach!

Sometimes after a long day at the office, you just need to relax and do a little daydreaming. Whenever I start daydreaming though, my thoughts always turn to Daddy and his big, meaty cock that he loves feeding to his little Ladyboy Slut!

Wouldn't you just love to slip your hard cock past my pretty lips and feed me a big load of cum? I'm waiting for you in my pretty peach dress and high heels. Maybe after using my wet mouth for a while you'd like to lift up my dress, pull down my pretty panties, and slide your cock inside my tight Tgirl ass!

1st Feb 2017

200 Photos

    Rating: 4.23

Krissy On The Couch: Part 2

Don't you just love the sound of pantyhose ripping open as a sexy Shemale cock springs out of them, hard as a rock and ready for some hot stroking? I'm letting my Tgirl cock out for some much needed relief in this set. I may be ruining another perfectly good pair of pantyhose, but the trade-off is definitely worth it. Those little waves of pleasure rippling through my body as I work my Shemale cock is worth a pair of pantyhose or two, don't you think?

31st Jan 2017

265 Photos

    Rating: 4.55

Krissy On The Couch

These days with everything going on in the world, isn't it nice to just sit down on a nice comfy couch and relax for a little while? Sometimes you just need a little "me" time; although truth be told, whenever I end up taking some time alone, I usually end up whipping out my Ladyboy cock and having a little fun with it! Watch as I get myself worked up in my pantyhose and high heels for this gallery and spend a little time with your favorite Asian Shemale!

30th Jan 2017

210 Photos

    Rating: 4.20

Sissy Krissy: Member Requested Part Two

Here is Part Two of the Member Requested "Sissy Krissy" set. As you can see, I'm letting my Sissy Shemale cock out from its cage, with permission from Daddy, of course! It feels so good when Daddy finally lets me out and even better when he sends me out to do some teasing in my little Sissy outfit! This video has a whole bunch of teasing in it, so if you're a fan of those YouTube teases that I used to do, you're really going to love checking this video out!

23rd Jan 2017

09:33 HD Video
& 280 Photos

    Rating: 4.62

Sissy Krissy: Member Requested

I went to my PO Box last week and was met by a surprise package, and this is what was inside, along with a very nice note from a Member of the site. I really do love receiving special packages like this, especially when they contain something nice for me to model. While he chooses to remain anonymous, I'd like to thank my special Daddy for sending me this cute dress and I hope you like this gallery!

For all the rest of you... I know "sissy" sets really aren't for everyone, but when a Member takes special time to write out a request, and sends me something to wear... well, I do my best to please. I hope you'll find this special set a fun diversion from my normal scenes; and perhaps, you may just find one more kinky fetish that you really love!

20th Jan 2017

275 Photos

    Rating: 4.44

Krissy's Great Gape Dildo!

I can't even remember when I got this little anal plug, and this gallery is the only time that I've actually used it. It sure does stretch out my little hole wide open! This anal plug has a hole in the center of it... I'm guessing for a big, thick cock to work its way into and really stretch a naughty Tgirl out! Too bad I didn't have a horny guy handy when I shot this set or else I'd really be giving up the gape!

18th Jan 2017

210 Photos

    Rating: 3.71

Naughty Tgirl Nurse

You don't always have to save your sexy outfits for Halloween, sometimes it can be fun to play dress up at other times of the year too! In this gallery, I'm playing naughty Tgirl Nurse and giving my Shemale cock a little hands-on therapy.

I have been feeling a little under the weather actually with a bit of a cold that just won't seem to go away. Maybe this Naughty Nurse set will help chase those germs away and also help brighten your day if you're feeling a little blue too! Come inside and watch me show off my white stockings and red high heels for this Tgirl Nurse gallery!

16th Jan 2017

230 Photos

    Rating: 4.63

Krissy's Private Gloryhole Debut

We've had a few days of wintry weather lately, so I've been basically cooped up in my studio, which typically drives me stir-crazy. So, I thought I'd test my construction knowledge and build myself a private gloryhole! This took me a few days to put up, and it is a fairly rickety one - but I learned a lot and my second one will be much, much better, I'm sure. I had a guy come over and test it out for me... here are the results! If you love Shemales doing gloryhole action, I think you'll really love this set so come on in and enjoy!

13th Jan 2017

20:40 HD Video
& 230 Photos

    Rating: 4.67

Krissy In Nude Heels Part Two

Here is Part Two of my "Nude High Heels" set... and as you can see, I'm getting down to business with my Shemale cock here! This sexy Asian Shemale just loves dressing up in a cute dress, smooth stockings, and sexy high heels and then settling in for a nice evening of stroking off my Tgirl cock for Members of my site! Come join me today and watch me strip down and get naughty and nasty just for you!

11th Jan 2017

230 Photos

    Rating: 4.33

Krissy In Nude Heels

A little plain gallery for you all in part one of this set with me modeling a lacy dress and nude stockings. The weather is atrocious here in Oregon right now - way to freezing (literally!) to go outside to shoot pictures, so I'm stuck indoors. I wonder just what kind of naughtiness I can find...?

9th Jan 2017

190 Photos

    Rating: 3.80

Krissy's Short Pink Skirt And Bodystocking

There is just something about a bodystocking that screams "slut", right? Add a pink skirt, and some sexy high heels to it, and you've really got a recipe for something good! I'm waiting for you in my bodystocking, ankle boots, and pink skirt in this set, and I know that you want to bend me over and slide your big, hard cock right into my tight Tgirl ass! Rip those panties off and let me have it as my Shemale cock gets harder and harder in my cock cage!

4th Jan 2017

235 Photos

    Rating: 4.25

Krissy's Ass Stretching Action

For all you guys and girls out there who love watching a horny Tgirl stretch out her hole, this is a video for you! I've bought myself a big, hard toy that is nearly as thick as my wrist, and I can assure you - stuffing it into my tight little hole is going to be no small task! I'm always for stretching one's limits, but you've got to draw the line somewhere, right? I'm testing the limits of my ass with my massive vibrator and I'd like to invite you along for the ride!

28th Dec 2016

16:08 HD Video

    Rating: 5.00

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