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My Latest Scenes


Sparkle Black Dress Stroking

I still haven’t decided if this dress is what I’m going to wear to the Transgender Erotica Awards down in Los Angeles this year, but if I do, and you happen to see me there, do you think it’ll be a bit weird knowing that I made this video in it ? In this video, I soak my panties with a nice load of cum after teasing you all as I stroke my Tgirl cock off… These panties are going out to a very special Member here to enjoy, but I hope you all will enjoy the video!

14th Feb 2016

19:15 HD Video
& 170 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Fly Cock Cage Cum

This little video is the kind of video that I had in mind when I created the “Vertical Videos” section… these types of shots are otherwise pretty difficult to capture because with a normal camera you have to shoot from so far away, without buying an expensive lens, that it doesn’t really do any good. Here you can literally see the cum fly out from my cock cage :). LOVE IT.. and I hope you enjoy this video too!!

6th Feb 2016

03:46 HD Video

    Rating: 3.67

Flying Cock Cage Cum

Here is a little video clip of me riding my dildo in a restroom – I’ve always wanted to create a video like this of me riding a dildo and making myself cum while fucking myself with it while wearing my cock cage… flying cum all over the place! Kind of a fun video with that little bit of signature “exhibitionism” at the end that makes Krissy4u special :)! And for those of you wondering… the guy who comes in at the end was definitely not there to take a dump… he was most definitely there to jerk off :). If I hadn’t just finished, I probably would have had some fun with him but a number of guys came in after that. Imagine their surprise when I came walking out of the stall :).

5th Feb 2016

05:40 HD Video

    Rating: 4.00

Heart Pantyhose Vibrator

OK, I know that I said the last car video that I did was going to be the final one for a while, but I just had to do one more because when I shot the gallery in the “heart” pantyhose, I was so horny that I didn’t make it back to the studio! My trusty vibrator is the perfect tool to get my tool off after a long day of shooting pictures… hmmm… I must have mislabeled the length of this video… it ends around 18’45” but I’ve labeled it as 22 minutes… maybe stick around after the ending credit to see if there is anything more to see?!

28th Jan 2016

22:19 HD Video

    Rating: 5.00

Making Fans

One more trip to the car before I move on to doing some studio stuff for a while… This is a guy who likes to sit in his car and watch me every once in a while, but I think this is the first time he actually drove up this closely to me! He’s totally harmless and I actually talked with him for a little while after this video… pretty interesting guy. You just never know who or what kind of people you’re going to meet when you’re out dressed up like a horny Tgirl and stroking off your cock!!

20th Jan 2016

09:44 HD Video

    Rating: 5.00

Stroking & Pumping

I’m dressed up like a nerdy schoolgirl and stroking off my cock while a couple of trucks drive by… then when I’m good and horny, I pull out my pump and do a little pumping on my Tgirl cock!

14th Jan 2016

17:44 HD Video

    Rating: 5.00

Adult Arcade Throat Fuck

LoL – I’m just realizing that I wore the same dress in this video as I did when I last went to this adult bookstore… I guess this is my “get lucky” dress! Anyway, this guy really liked going deep in my throat with his cock… which I love too. My favorite part though is towards the beginning when he is kind of giving me a backrub, and he reaches down to feel my panties and gets a cock instead of pussy and says, “Oh!” Later I ask him if he didn’t realize I was a Tgirl and he says, “Kinda” – or something like that. I think this was his first experience with a Tgirl!

9th Jan 2016

16:14 HD Video

    Rating: 4.60

Dont Cum

I took this video with my Nexus 6p phone and I didn’t realize that it only took video in eight minute intervals so you don’t get the whole video here – you can check out the Solo Videos section for the entire one though :). This video took me a while to get up because of the change to Adobe Premiere Pro as my video editing software – it’s a lot more complicated to figure out who to do things and it took me forever to get the “background” to work properly!

8th Jan 2016

07:16 HD Video

    Rating: 4.80

Intro- Dont Cum

Intro video to dont cum video

30th Dec 2015

06:07 HD Video

    Rating: 3.00

Don't You Dare Cum

It’s the last Krissy4u Video of 2015 – let’s go out with a bang! Don’t you dare cum until I tell you to because I want to bring in the New Year with a bang! I’m making myself cum inside this little masturbation sleeve, and then dumping the fresh load all over my pulsing Tgirl cock. I wish you had a load for my pretty little face too!

30th Dec 2015

16:29 HD Video

    Rating: 5.00

Bathroom Spank Tease

Here is another little video short for you guys at the ol’ restroom… It was raining cats and dogs outside so I ducked in here to maybe have a little fun… I kind of ended this video abruptly because I could tell this guy was possibly going to try and take things too far… I always try to look out for my safety first, and he was starting to get a little forceful so I left as I really didn’t want to deal with that on this day…or any day!

16th Dec 2015

04:15 HD Video

    Rating: 4.83

Trucker Doll

Some of you guys asked if I would do a video of me talking dirty to the camera… here you go! I’m not talking directly into the camera in this little video, but I sure do let my mind wander a little bit with some really dirty thoughts! I so wanted this trucker to stop as he was driving buy, get out, and just fuck me like a silly little girl. I think he kind of was tempted too, because he sure did linger for quite some time before parking a little ways away and just watching from his truck… maybe I’ll have better luck next time!

11th Dec 2015

11:36 HD Video

    Rating: 5.00

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Slutty Bathroom Tgirl

I took this little Video Short when I was finished shooting Gallery 873 and 874 – I was HORNY after shooting the pictures! Well, it just so happened that this guy was watching me take the pictures for the longest time, and I knew he was kind of interested in seeing more. I didn’t realize he was handicapped until he shuffled out of his car to follow me into the restroom… the things people will do to watch me cum! I kind of felt bad afterwards for leaving so quickly but it was about the time when they start cleaning the restroom so I had to get out of there!

8th Dec 2015

05:11 HD Video

    Rating: 3.33

A Little Night Cum

I was testing out the Virtual Reality camera to see how it would fare in low light settings but I ended up getting horny and shooting this scene for you too! It was a slow night at the rest area with only one truck driving by, but you know… when you’ve got a big load of cum to shoot, it doesn’t matter who is watching… just let it go!

4th Dec 2015

04:50 HD Video

    Rating: 4.25

Riding My Big Dildo

Watch me as I take on the biggest dildo that I’ve ever had up inside my tight little hole! This massive, Black dildo made its debut in the last video one the site, where I struggled to get it into my mouth… Well, in this video, I’m struggling even more to inch it carefully up my ass. Just because I was really horny when I made this video, I thought I would wear my cock cage for part of this scene to keep myself from touching my cock and making myself cum… I was literally dripping with pre-cum about halfway through this scene!!

23rd Nov 2015

12:20 HD Video

    Rating: 4.33

Massive Dildo, Caged Cock

In this gallery, I’m tackling the new, massive dildo that you saw in the last couple of updates… I could barely get my mouth around it – what do you think is going to happen when I try to stuff it up my ass? These pictures should make you all hot and bothered for the video updates later on this week… :).

18th Nov 2015

21:47 HD Video
& 225 Photos

    Rating: 4.29

Empty A Load

This is the first “Vertical Video” on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl so I would really appreciate your input if you choose to view it for future reference. For those of you choosing to view these videos on a desktop or in landscape mode – is the blur on the sides enough to make the video “watchable” ? I did some research about this and most people say if you are going to shoot in vertical mode on a phone, blurring the sides is a good way to make it less irritating. Anway… enjoy this video and please let me know in the comments of this post what you think!

12th Nov 2015

11:50 HD Video

    Rating: 4.00

Horny In Pink

Since the last gallery was basically just a big advertisement for the 2016 Transgender Erotica Awards (Did you cast your nomination vote yet for Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl / Best Solo Website? If not – TRANSGENDER EROTICA AWARDS NOMINATION PAGE) , I wanted to shoot another one for you all wearing the same outfit… I really love this first picture… I just wish it was a real cock instead of this massive dildo! Oh well… made me horny thinking about Daddy’s cock getting so big and hard watching his girl’s panties drop!

10th Nov 2015

08:56 HD Video
& 185 Photos

    Rating: 4.67

Getting Sucked

I really hadn’t planned on doing this type of video when I shot this – it was just supposed to be a simple tease scene. This guy was kind of watching me for a while when I shot the pictures in this outfit so I was thinking that I’d give him a little walk-by tease. But, as soon as I got out of the car, he started to drive away so I thought I scared him off! I guess not…!

3rd Nov 2015

13:36 HD Video

    Rating: 5.00

French Maid Cleanup

Happy Halloween 2015! Of course, this is the patron holiday of Tgirls all around the world, and I’m certainly no exception. What better way to celebrate the day than to dress up as a cute French Maid for some serious exhibitionism at the local rest area? This guy had no idea what he was about to walk into at the start of this video but as you’ll see… I certainly caught his eye. A bit shy, this guy, but I’m sure I gave him a nice little treat to think about this Halloween evening!!

30th Oct 2015

14:35 HD Video
& 180 Photos

    Rating: 3.80

Intro- Being Me

Intro to Being Me video.

12th Oct 2015

12:54 HD Video

    Rating: 3.67

Being Me

This is a Member requested video. The idea is that you are me… which is a bit weird for me, but something that I wanted to try since this particular Member has been asking for this video for quite some time. Anyway, some of you will probably find it fun and some, like me, a bit weird – but I hope you at least enjoy the intro !

12th Oct 2015

06:39 HD Video

    Rating: 4.20

Watching Me

I was playing around with the camera and my Skype show webcam for this little video and I thought it would be fun to share with you all… I don’t know why, but sometimes I can get really turned on by watching myself on video, live – I guess that makes me really, really vain but oh well… WARNING: Don’t watch this video if you get motion sickness or really easily sickened by shaking video!

1st Oct 2015

08:43 HD Video

    Rating: 3.50

Intro- In Curls

Intro to In Curls video

21st Sep 2015

08:23 HD Video

    Rating: 5.00

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